Thrill seeking in the Hunter Valley
冒险 30 九月 2016
If you thought that the Hunter Valley was all about sipping wine & sampling cheese think again. We’ve curated the most adrenaline pumping experiences in the region. Surprise someone or take the challenge on yourself. Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort is close to the action and some operators can arrange hotel pick up & drop off. Chill out at Bodega Bar to settle your nerves after an awesome day out.  

Hot Air Ballooning
Take off before dawn and watch the sunrise over the vineyards. All you will hear is the whoosh of the fire burner as it sends you higher into the sky. A truly beautiful experience for those without a heights complex. Many a people have been known to pop the question either in the sky or at a champagne breakfast, food for thought folks. Balloons Aloft are one of our preferred operators. 

Sky Diving 
While we are airborne those who want to get high in the vines can take on a drop zone challenge with Skydive Hunter Valley. First timers are in good hands with tandem jumps starting from $249 if you are a self-confessed pro you can jump solo. If you are wanting to do your sky diving course these guys have a 9 stage course on offer. There is nothing quite like plummeting your way towards a valley of grapes! 

Warbird Flights
Feel the G-Force in a supercharged warbird plane with Aerohunter in the Hunter Valley. Fly with an experienced RAAF or Ace Aerobatic pilot with a number of different aircraft on offer. If you’ve always wanted to star in the Top Gun movie, this is as close as you are going to get and what an experience it will be. Starting from $339 with a range of experiences to choose from. 

Rally Driving
Rally school sounds pretty awesome for those who love a bit of sideways action. Rally School in the Hunter Valley has an epic rally course with 20 odd performance cars for you to churn up the dust with. Great for groups or solo this is an experience that puts you in the drivers seat. Packages start from $100 going upwards depending on how much driving you want to do.  

Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort is located in Pokolbin right in the heart of the Hunter Valley and close to these thrill seeking adventures.