Gold Coast's Top 3 Surf Breaks
海滩 | 冒险 11 七月 2016

The Gold Coast might have gotten its name for the beautiful golden sands of the shore line, but Coolangatta got its reputation for the longest wave and best surf breaks on the Australian East Coast. This relaxed beachside town located down the southern end of the famed Gold Coast in Queensland is a breeding ground for grommets and a beacon for some of the best in the business. If you enjoy catching a wave on your holidays, here’s our top 3 breaks if you enjoy a good wave or just like watching them roll in. 

1: Kirra
Kirra beach is a local favourite, they have fought hard to rejuvenate the legendary break after development of the Superbank shifted their Pipeline style wave to a dismal break on a lucky day. Now back on the surf scene, Kirra is international recognised in the surfing community and has the best sand-breaking right-hand point in the world!

2: D-Bar
D-Bah to the locals can be found on the map as Duranbah and is always pumping! The warm water is inviting, even in winter, but watch out for the strong rips and sharks. Better to be a ‘shubie’ at this beach and leave this world class break for the pro’s. Take a camera though and snap a selfie with Mick Fanning … his local surf spot.

3: Snapper Rocks
Catch a wave from Kirra and finish up at Snapper Rocks. This long wave is possible to ride all the way along if you love a challenge and get a lucky wave. This two kilometres of beach is a top notch surf spot with a wave for everyone. The swell is pumping and the break is clean, perfect for a learner and a delight for the experienced.

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